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Strategy & Design

Independent expertise is essential when
investing in or changing technology to
provide absolute insight and clarity,
ensuring our client make the right
informed decisions.

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Specification & Sourcing

We make sure technology is specified to
reflect your requirements and provide a
structure to procurement that ensures the
best solution in terms of quality and cost.

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Farrpoint's Project Management Services
provide structure and discipline to projects
to ensure they meet expectations and are
delivered on time and within budget.

Project Management

Tech Review & Optimisation

We sit alongside to review your technology queries,
advise on what will work, what issues might be
faced or conduct a more detailed technical
review of your services and infrastructure.

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Our unique blend of technical knowledge and business acumen means we’re able to offer sound technical advice yet with an eye on cost and business efficiency. Our strategy methodology is to work closely with our clients to identify and understand their needs then provide elegant and effective solutions that meet their business needs.

Case Studies

Recent News


IP Expo Thoughts

This week I attended IP Expo in London for the first time, and having a couple of hours to kill in the airport on the way home, I thought I’d put together a quick summary of what I saw and took away from the conference. First though, a bit of a moan: why must conference...

Guest Blog: Response to DCMS Consultation

Below is a blog by Stefan Stanislawski which provides an interesting and challenging view on the requirements for fibre infrastructure for all of the UK. This response is based on my own direct observations working as one of the few consultants specialised in fibre access...

A Brief Overview of Shellshock

The Internet has been alive over the last week or so, with news of a new (or, more accurately, very old) bash vulnerability which allows an attacker to run arbitrary bash shell commands remotely. While the technical details of this vulnerability have been extensively covered...