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FarrPoint Canada Inc

Connectivity Consultancy

FarrPoint Canada Inc

FarrPoint is a digital connectivity and smart technology consultancy, advising clients from local governments to telecom providers. With offices in Canada and the UK, FarrPoint delivers advice on a range of projects across urban and rural connectivity, smart places, 5G and IoT and the multiple use cases which rely on smart connectivity.

About us

FarrPoint’s consultancy services assist in the investment and deployment of connectivity infrastructure and the multiple use cases which are then enabled through the use of smart technology. Connectivity is the basis for economic and social activity and demand for more widespread, faster and more responsive connectivity is the driver for the majority of FarrPoint’s work. From our origins in the UK where we are well regarded by government, agencies and the supplier market we have identified demand for our independent advisory services in Canada which is equally challenged by the need for improved connectivity and the benefits this will bring.

What we do

From our base in the Canadian Maritimes, we serve government bodies, municipalities and the enterprise market with our unique blend of technical, commercial, economic and data driven advisory services covering the core areas of:

- Economic benefits analysis and strategy development

- Procurement support

- Assurance and review

- Economic benefits analysis

Our areas of expertise

Our areas of expertise cover regional connectivity requirements, the development of smart places, the delivery of digital health and care services, mobility and technical coverage investigations, the enterprise IT market and its use of smart connectivity and the key role of digital to drive net zero ambitions.

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Bruce Macdougall

Bruce Macdougall

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FarrPoint Canada Inc

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Connectivity is a key and basic requirement of living in an area as sparsely populated as New Brunswick. The insight we gain from this project will help us make informed decisions as to how to improve connectivity for our 789,000 residents.

Hon. Ernie Steeves, Minister of Finance with the Government of New Brunswick

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Connectivity is important. It drives business and society, bringing communities and commerce together. That's why we use our insight and experience to connect people and business.