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Connecting the world’s largest live events


Connecting the world’s largest live events

From Glasgow in Scotland to Rio in Brazil, at FarrPoint we advise on network infrastructure for World's largest events.

Global viewing figures for the Tokyo 2020 sporting extravaganza are expected to surpass the 3.6 billion that tuned in for the games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. So, how do you manage to build a digital network that can enable these games to be viewed by almost 50% of the world’s population?

FarrPoint has experience delivering just that. Some of our talented Consultants, including Calum and Jan, were on the ground at Rio 2016 advising on network infrastructure, making sure that the unfolding action in the arenas was displayed seamlessly worldwide. FarrPoint’s experience advising global live events took us a little more local in 2018 for Glasgow’s European Championships and Consultants also advised the Tokyo Olympic Committee on best practices for their event.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Developing a telecommunications strategy for the world’s largest sporting showcases is not an easy task and that’s why the National Olympic Committee (NOC) wanted expert advisers to ensure their requirements were met. FarrPoint Consultants curated the specifications for all connectivity infrastructure for the 306 events across Brazil including: networks, telephony & broadcast.

Although most stadiums and venues had some form of connectivity in place, the NOC required a system that can be swiftly constructed, overlaid on existing communication networks and then easily removed after the games concluded. These specific requirements needed to be stipulated in the contracts and procurement documentation, an area where FarrPoint’s Consultants spearheaded. The team also helped contract negotiations and onboard the successful Telecom providers to carry-out the work.

Closer to home: Glasgow European Championships

Our expertise in Rio and Tokyo, put us in great stead to help tackle the (this will open in a new window)European Championships hosted in Glasgow and Berlin in 2018. The infrastructure requirements were similar but different, mostly due to Glasgow City Council’s preference to utilise the established connectivity networks already in place at venues such as Celtic Park and the SECC. FarrPoint Consultants ensured that the best solutions were chosen to provide the event with vital wired and wireless internet services, telephony and broadcast connectivity.

When tuning in to Tokyo 2020/21 or any other international sporting event, just think about the extensive behind the scenes work that takes place to bring that live experience to your TV, tablet or phone.

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