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We are not your typical consultants

Our Story

We are not your typical consultants

FarrPoint is an independent connectivity and smart technology consultancy. We provide advice on regional connectivity, network infrastructure, 4G and 5G, smart places, IoT, TEC and enterprise IT. To date we have advised on over £3.5 billion worth of digital connectivity projects in the UK and overseas.

What makes us different?

We are a friendly team of consulting technologists, economists and data scientists. We make sure that our work is grounded in well-defined business requirements and use cases. We never present a strategic vision without a clear plan of action to turn that vision into reality. We apply our hard-earned experience to develop solutions that will work in the real world. Explore our services

"When we set FarrPoint up, we had a shared idea of technical advice and client service done well. We didn’t want to be a typical consultancy. We take pride in the quality of our work, the impact of our work, and the way the work is delivered. " Founders of FarrPoint: Andrew Muir and Richard Parkinson

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Connectivity is important. It drives business and society, bringing communities and commerce together. That's why we use our insight and experience to connect people and business.