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FarrPoint supports three Digital Connectivity (DCIA) pilots to realise their full potential


FarrPoint supports three Digital Connectivity (DCIA) pilots to realise their full potential

FarrPoint has been working as part of the UK Government's Department for Culture, Media & Sport's (DCMS) Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA) Programme to deliver three Pilot projects.

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Senior Consultant: Matthew Izatt - Lowry


FarrPoint was commissioned to conduct a Benefits Realisation & Impact Evaluation of three pilot projects completed as part of the (this will open in a new window)DCMS (this will open in a new window)DCIA Programme. The three pilots were: the (this will open in a new window)North of Tyne Combined Authority, (this will open in a new window)Tay Cities Infralink Exchange project, and the West Sussex Loc8tor Project.

What did FarrPoint deliver?

FarrPoint delivered each individual evaluation in line with (this will open in a new window)HM Treasury's Magenta Book guidance. This encompassed a range of aspects within the project's execution:

By local authorities taking steps to change the way that they engage with industry using an approach like Infralink, they are showing visible commitment to doing things differently and improving mobile coverage in their area. We needed to be able to demonstrate that this change was having benefit at a strategic and practical level and could be sustained. The structure and tools that FarrPoint put in place allowed us to do that, utilising their and the project team’s practical knowledge of how the site selection and agreement process works and the challenges that, if overcome, could make a big difference for the strained resource of local authorities and help the business case for the mobile industry to deploy in those areas. FarrPoint were a valuable sounding board for where we should focus our attention. By bringing to the discussion their wider experience, they were a valuable team member to help us achieve our project and strategic goals.

Sarah Eynon, Scottish Futures Trust, lead partner in Infralink Pilot

Benefits Realisation and Impact Evaluation services at FarrPoint

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