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Introducing FarrPoint's Spotify Playlist


Introducing FarrPoint's Spotify Playlist

At FarrPoint, we have some serious music lovers, and music is often a topic of discussion in the office and at work social events. We came up with the idea to ask each FarrPointer to select five songs so we could create a collaborative playlist for everyone to listen to.

From Bob Marley to Guns & Roses…

It was amazing to see that not one song was suggested twice, and there was a real mixture of genres. The playlist is a musical adventure from Bob Marley to The Killers, Guns and Roses to Ed Sheeran. The feedback from the FarrPointers about the playlist was that there were quite a few tracks they had never heard of before, and they enjoyed listening to something new. Others noted that there were songs they hadn’t heard in years and were delighted to be reminded of them.

It was so hard to pick just 5. I could have easily come up with 20!

Kristina Vard, Head of Marketing

It’s part of our company culture

At FarrPoint, we believe we are lucky to have a great company culture, and it is little activities such as creating a Spotify playlist that helps build cohesion within the team and brings us together.

Make sure you listen to the playlist; you are in for a musical treat!


We're big on music and... data

We wouldn't be a data-driven company if we didn't try to put a data analytics spin on everything we do.

Jordi Estrada, FarrPoint's GIS and data visualisation expert, analysed our Spotify playlist and came back with some visualisations to illustrate our music taste. Who knew we were such a rock n roll company!

data visualisation example spotify

data visualisation

data visual

Spotify allows the user to mine their own data and returns a very interesting set of parameters; this dataset allows us to analyse and visualise the list of tracks in search of further insights into our preferences as a team. It has become very apparent that we are very much into rock songs of all kind, with those with high tempo and energetic being the most popular amongst the team members.

Jordi Estrada, GIS and Data Visualisation Consultant at FarrPoint

They said it was impossible to pick a Top 5 favourite songs. But we did it!

Jan Miszalowski, Principal Consultant and Music Guru

If you have additional song suggestions you think we should add to the list, please email [email protected].

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