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Meet a FarrPointer - Richard Parkinson


Meet a FarrPointer - Richard Parkinson

Meet Richard Parkinson, one of the founding Directors of FarrPoint. He is the go-to guru for telecare and IT solutions, known as the ultimate problem-solver and 'QA-eagle-eye-Richard'. FarrPoint’s certified foodie, Richard, always has a recommendation for a good spot in Edinburgh or top tips for a Euro weekend getaway.

A quick Q&A chat with Richard Parkinson.

Stepping into the spotlight for the next Meet a FarrPoint interview is none other than FarrPoint Director, (this will open in a new window)Richard Parkinson.

1. You are a director and one of the founders of a Connectivity Consultancy. How did you get here?

I’m not entirely sure, I’ve never had a ‘grand plan’! I guess there are two parts to this question: the first is why consultancy and the second is how did I end up here.

Well, I have always had an interest in telecoms (as it used to be called) and how people and organisations can use the technology. I would say that is the element I have been most interested in rather than the actual tech itself, and that in its essence is what consultancy is. I like learning about how organisations work, and then providing guidance and recommendations to help clients address specific challenges, make informed decisions, and in general, improve people’s lives.

And how I ended up here at FarrPoint, I was working with (this will open in a new window)Calum and (this will open in a new window)Andrew at another consultancy. We had a vision that could do things differently and better. We wanted to really focus on work we could enjoy, we could do well, working with good people, and it just went from there really.

Throwback picture of Richard

Throwback picture of Richard

2. What FarrPoint project are you most proud of?

So so so many! I do genuinely enjoy telecare and technology enabled care projects. It’s an area of our work where you can really see the tangible benefits. My dad had MS and used a very early version of assistive technology back in the late 90s – to be honest the tech wasn’t that great or of much help to him – so it is fantastic to see how the modern versions really can help make a difference to people’s lives.

3. What has been the most memorable adventure or trip you've been on?

I have been lucky and have seen quite a bit of the world. Most recently, I went on a trip to Norway, and wow, what a fantastic country. Being up on a glacier in the middle of summer pretty incredible. I have also had great trips to Iceland, Nepal, China and the States… I won’t go on.

But yes, Norway was fantastic, and I definitely want to see more of Scandinavia now.

Richard on his trip to Norway

Richard on his trip to Norway

4. What is an interesting fact about you that not many people would know?

Difficult to top some of interesting facts that have come out in previous Meet a FarrPointer articles, but… I have successfully completed USA military training. Well, technically USA military HTML training. In a previous role, I did a lot of work with the military which I really enjoyed; however, they bizarrely booked me onto an HTML training course hosted by the US Army. I arrived at the training and was the only one in a suit, not combat gear. So yeah, if you want a webpage developing in a war zone – I’m your man.

5. How would you describe yourself in one word? What would it be and why?

Curious. I like learning and knowing things. I am always learning new things and I like to know a little bit about everything.

6. If you were a crisp flavour, what would you be and why? [semi trick question because Anna knew Richard is very particular about his crisp flavours]

Well, I can’t just stick to my favourite, which is a plain crisp. I would go with Paprika as it tastes like holidays, which is a happy time. [Anna questions how does that relate to his personality?] I don’t know – this is a bizarre question, so I’m sticking to Paprika.

7. If you weren’t in this line of work, what career would you want to pursue?

Phewwwwww [Richard is thinking] – I think it would be something to do with food and drink. I like the thought of being an expert on some type of food, cheese, or wine. I really enjoy good food and good drink. It would be pretty great to spend your days tasting wine – I hope that doesn’t make me sound like an alcoholic.

Richard enjoying a meal on holiday

Richard enjoying a meal on holiday

8. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

An epic food tour of Europe by train – like a weird mix of (this will open in a new window)Stanley Tucci and (this will open in a new window)Michael Portillo.

9. What is the best decision you have ever made?

So my wife is going to read this, so there is only one answer I can give here. [Interviewer says ok, besides marrying your wife, what would be your answer]. So my second best decision was moving to Edinburgh. It’s a great city – I can’t imagine living anywhere else now.

10. What would you choose as your last meal?

Easy one, and it is very specific. It would be a goat's cheese salad with lardons. I love it! I wouldn’t want it every day because it would ruin it, but it is on a menu I am having it. It must be really good goat’s cheese, though.

11. Who would you like to nominate for the next “Meet a FarrPointer”?


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