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Meet a FarrPointer - Joseph Chambers


Meet a FarrPointer - Joseph Chambers

Meet Joseph Chambers, a FarrPoint Consultant with a passion for driving digital inclusion in communities and local businesses. Outside of work, you’ll find him chasing waves regardless of the weather, hiking up hills and enjoying a pint at the pub. Having recently relocated to Edinburgh, he’s immersing himself in everything the city has to offer.

The next Meet a FarrPointer interview is with FarrPoint's newest recruit Consultant Joseph (Joe) Chambers.

Joseph Chambers

1. Reflecting on your first 7-months since joining FarrPoint, what has your overall experience been like so far?

It’s been really good! I am working as part of an interesting team, and it has been great to learn from everyone around me. Coming from a local authorities background, applying my experience to a broader range of clients and scale of projects has been very enjoyable.

2. Since your recent relocation to Edinburgh, what has been your favourite thing about the city?

I have enjoyed experiencing all the great cafés and pubs Edinburgh has to offer. I have found the city very welcoming, and it has a laid-back feel, which I am enjoying. I grew up in Norfolk and was recently living Manchester, so it is nice to walk around exploring a new city and all its different areas with their own character. Edinburgh is steeped in history, and I've been diving into the stories behind many pubs thanks to my colleague Neil.

Joe having a pint in a local pub.

Joe at the pub

3. What is an interesting fact about you that not many people would know?

I have a (this will open in a new window)Blue Peter Badge. When I was a kid, they put out an announcement saying they were looking for a band to perform, and I wrote in. I thought we had a band; looking back, I don’t know if we really did – definitely not one good enough to perform on Blue Peter. Anyway, I got a letter back saying, unfortunately, they were fully booked this season, but they would keep in touch. I didn’t hear from them again, but I did get my badge, which I could use for 2-for-1 discounts on things like the (this will open in a new window)London Eye and (this will open in a new window)Millennium Dome – very 2000s!

4. What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done, and would you do it again?

In 2018, I did the world's highest bridge bungy jump called (this will open in a new window)Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa. It was while I was working in Kenya for nine months as part of my PhD (Anna is thinking—that also sounds pretty adventurous too!) I was travelling down to South Africa for a holiday and went to do the bungee. It was quite good—so yeah, I probably would do it again.

Joe jumping off the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa.

Joe bungy jumping

5. What's your favourite outdoor activity?

I like lots of outdoor activities, so I will name a few. Surfing, hiking, cycling, football – anything in the sea or getting muddy is good. Since moving to Edinburgh, I have been going surfing at Belhaven Bay. I’ve spent countless hours surfing along the Norfolk coast and continue to enjoy it. The surfing up here in Scotland is actually not as crowded as down south, with nice beaches and really good waves. I have also been doing a fair bit of hiking. Last weekend, we explored the Scottish Borders, and I've also ventured over to Fife and wandered through parts of the South Highlands.

Joe enjoying some surfing in Norfolk

Joe surfing

6. Where is your favourite place in the world, and why?

I would say a beach back home in Norfolk called (this will open in a new window)Sea Palling. It is a great place to watch the sunrise and swim in the summer or winter if you are brave. Sometimes, the seals will swim with you, which is pretty cool.

A beautiful sunset at Sea Palling beach

Sea Palling beach

7. What does a typical weekend look like for Joe?

It would usually be a combination of going to the pub with friends or colleagues, exploring different parts of Edinburgh, participating in various sports, or hiking in the countryside.

Joe exploring Peebles, outside Edinburgh, on a blue sky day.

Joe on a walk

8. What's your guilty pleasure TV show or movie that you love to binge-watch?

I don’t feel guilt over them—shameless! I hope this doesn’t make me sound too nerdy, but recently, I’ve been enjoying watching YouTube videos on restoring damaged electronic equipment. They take them apart, mend the damage, clean the devices, and put them back together. I also just love any science documentary. Oh, and (this will open in a new window)Traitors—that was so good.

9. If you could create a new holiday, what would it be called, and how would people celebrate it?

St Gregg’s Day – dedicated to Greggs. On this day, everyone can get any item they want; even when it is near closing time, all pastries, bakes, sausage rolls, etc, would still be in stock, fresh, and hot. No messed-up steak bakes and no queues.

10. Who would you like to nominate?



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