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Meet a FarrPointer - Marianna Birzniece


Meet a FarrPointer - Marianna Birzniece

Our latest Meet a FarrPointer interview was with Marianna – our finance manager with a passport full of stamps. Marianna spent last year making the most of FarrPoint's remote working policy - surfing in some of the world's most amazing destinations, all whilst keeping FarrPoint's finances in top order.

A quick Q&A chat with Marianna Birzniece, FarrPoint's Finance Manager


1. For those who don’t know what your role entails, can you give me a brief overview and your favourite thing about your job?

I suppose my role is very different to everyone else at FarrPoint, it is nothing to do with connectivity or telecoms. I manage FarrPoint’s financial data to ensure day-to-day business activities are running smoothly and the month end figures and financial reports are accurate. I do all things numbers, including invoicing, payroll, expenses, pensions, etc.

FarrPoint is my favourite company I have worked for; it has a great company culture and good values. I remember when I applied, I was like, this is the job I want. I really enjoy the flexible working, and everyone is so nice and friendly. Specifically, about my job, my favourite thing is the problem-solving. It isn’t always the most exciting, but it is always rewarding.

2. What has been the most memorable adventure or trip you've been on?

Every trip is a memorable trip for me, so it is difficult to choose only one. The most recent one, with the most beautiful and unusual views I’ve ever seen, was our trip to Switzerland in May. I had always wanted to visit this country and especially Alaïa Bay, which is one of the most amazing wave pools for surfing in the world in the heart of the Swiss Alps. It was pretty sick, you have the perfect waves, surrounded by the snowy backdrop of the Alps.

We also went to the Matterhorn Glacier paradise where, surrounded by breathtaking views and the iconic Matterhorn in the background, my partner Lester proposed, so that was really special. I was pretty surprised, even though we had been together for ten years.

Marianna and partner Lester in the Swiss Alps

Marianna and partner Lester in the Swiss Alps

3. What is an interesting fact about you that not many people would know?

Well, everyone knows that I surf, so not that, but maybe that I am a (this will open in a new window)PADI-certified scuba diver and I love exploring the underwater world, it’s like entering a whole new dimension filled with weird and wonderful creatures, or that I used to be a full-time model. I travelled all over the world modelling, which was amazing. I wasn’t really into fashion, but it opened doors to incredible travel experiences. When I look back, I feel very lucky for the experience of living for three months at a time in places like China, South Korea and India alongside girls from all over. It worked at the time as my partner would meet me all over the world and continue on with me to new places with new adventures. I decided to stop because I wanted to settle down in one place and have a steadier job where I could put my accounting qualifications to use.

Marianna in the Pushkar Desert, India shooting for Grazia magazine.

Marianna in the Pushkar Desert, India modelling for Grazia magazine

4. If you weren’t in this line of work, what career would you want to pursue?

It would be being a violinist for a symphony orchestra. I played the violin for eight years in an orchestra, and we travelled to different countries to perform. When I had to pick what to study at university, I was deciding between Accounts and Music because they were my two favourite subjects. I decided to go for the more sensible option but who knows where I would have ended up if I had done a music degree.

5. If your life was a movie, what would its title be, and who would play you in the lead role?

Hmm, I think it would be something like “Turning Dreams Into A Reality”, “Chasing Her Dreams”, or “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It”. Something along those lines because if I think about something or dream about it long enough, I will make it happen.

To play me, I would choose (this will open in a new window)Jennifer Lawrence. She is really funny and a super versatile actress. I just love her.

6. What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done, and would you do it again?

I guess it would be our latest trip to Bali in September. We wanted to see the famous blue fire and one of the largest acidic lakes in the world, which is in the crater of the Volcano Ijen, located in East Java. We decided booking a tour would be too boring, so we thought, let’s take the motorbike and do it ourselves. We drove all the way from our place in Bali to the ferry port in west of Bali, seeing lots of monkeys on the way and not many tourists, we jumped on the Java-Bali ferry and then set up to climb through the night up to the summit then into the crater. Seeing it all in the sunrise with the smoke of the volcano and the blue fire was incredible. We had to wear gas masks in the end to protect our lungs from the sulphuric gas which also burned the eyes. So yeah, that was cool and pretty adventurous and yes, I would most definitely do it again.

Marianna and partner Lester in East Java climbing Volcano Ijen.

Marianna and partner Lester in East Java climbing Volcano Ijen

7. If you could have a superpower for a day, what would it be, and how would you use it?

I would choose the ability to teleport. I could be here in Fraserburgh with my friends, do my job and then afterwards teleport to Bali in seconds to surf in warmer water and then back again. I could also visit my family and friends in Latvia very easily.

8. What does a typical weekend look like for Marianna?

This is an easy one – we would probably be down at the beach in a 6mm wetsuit chasing the waves or away in the camper on the Scottish West Coast or up North – also chasing waves. We go surfing nearby probably a couple of times a week depending on the weather – there are bigger waves in winter, but obviously not as reliable weather. There are still a few places nearby that we haven’t tried, but the surfing is pretty good.

Marianna catching some waves in Bali.

Marianna catching some waves in Bali

9. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you want with you?

I would take a fishing rod – obviously to catch fish to survive. Maybe an axe so I could chop wood for fire and shelter. Then a blanket in case it gets cold at night. Lester is really practical, so it would be good to have him. He often talks about what he would take to survive on a deserted island, so I would want him there. [interviewer says, "I thought you would have said a surfboard"] Oh yeah, maybe I would swap the axe or the blanket for a surfboard.

10. Who would you like to nominate for the next “Meet a FarrPointer”?



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