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Same FarrPoint, new look!

Same FarrPoint, new look!

We’ve become more reliant on our internet connections than ever before. How do we cope when it goes down?

Introducing the new FarrPoint logo!

A lighthouse has been part of the FarrPoint brand since its inception. However, it took a brief hiatus as we tried to change our look to be more aligned with the big corporate consultancies - but that’s just not us.

We’ve undergone some self-reflection in the past few months and asked our staff and clients to contribute.

What did we find? Well, quite a lot.

Our staff continue to provide an amazing unique service and deliver more inventive solutions than ever before, even in the midst of a pandemic.

Our clients really do see us as their trusted advisers and much more – their words, not ours.

So, as part of a larger effort to showcase our incredible talent, bright ideas and and friendliness of our team – we’ve started by giving the business a fresh look.

We all had a fondness of the FarrPoint lighthouse. Whether some identified with analogies of guiding clients away from rocky situations or illustrating the importance of connecting rural communities – it means something to us.

So, our lighthouse is back (with a modern twist), and we’re excited for this new chapter. We can’t conform to be like any other consultancy, because truly nobody is like us. Keep your eyes peeled for some more updates in the coming months!

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