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The Big Analogue Switch Off: What's Your Next Move?


The Big Analogue Switch Off: What's Your Next Move?

Watch this video to find out how to prepare and minimise business disruption ahead of the analogue (PSTN and ISDN) switch-off. Co-hosted by industry experts Calum Lamont (FarrPoint) and Craig Flemming (R3-IoT)

2025 will see the completion of the official ‘analogue switch off’ – with digital services replacing the existing legacy analogue telephone infrastructure across the UK. Phasing out of PSTN and ISDN has already begun. The analogue switch-off will have a direct impact on all organisations, but especially those with multiple sites and locations, or based in remote areas. Business readiness is key to ensure a smooth transition.

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If only it was as simple as flipping a switch

While 2025 might seem a while away yet, but given wider business considerations it is not really. Organisations need to assess current operations, infrastructure, and dependencies to inform their next move. How many sites, and what business applications rely on traditional telephony services? What about new site requirements now that PSTN and ISDN are being phased out? How reliable are alternative communications solutions in different geographies?

No doubt, the end goal for many organisations is to ensure that they embed a future-proof alternative solution and minimise business disruption. But how?

About the webinar

This informative webinar explores how organisations can assess potential impacts and prioritise requirements, understand available solutions, and minimise business disruption.

Presenters Calum Lamont (Director, FarrPoint) and Craig Flemming (Head of Business Development, R3-IoT) were joined by Duncan MacAulay, ICT Team Manager Network Communications, at the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to discuss:

Who is the webinar suitable for?

The webinar is aimed at those working within IT, communications, projects and infrastructure within private and public organisations.

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