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Digital and Net-Zero


Digital and Net-Zero

At FarrPoint, our research has led us to a simple conclusion - it is not possible to meet net-zero GHGe targets, grow the economy and care for the social wellbeing of the nation without digital. The UK has a target to achieve Net-Zero by 2050, Scotland - by 2045. We understand it is not going to be straightforward and to facilitate this transition we have developed a portfolio of services that will help public and private sector organisations prepare for this change in the smartest way possible.

What is the Net-Zero target?

For the UK, excluding Scotland, the target is to achieve net-zero emissions of all greenhouse gases (GHGe) by 2050. Scotland’s climate change legislation sets a target date for net-zero GHGe by 2045 and a 75% reduction by 2030.

Why Digital is the only solution?

At FarrPoint, we believe that the only way to reach the net-zero target is embracing an inclusive digital technology strategy across all sectors of our economy as well as in public services including health, education and social care.

FarrPoint offers a variety of bespoke solutions that will help you transition to net-zero

We can help you with:

• Defining your net-zero strategy

• Auditing your current digital footprint

• Supporting the deployment of infrastructure with a GHGe cost/benefit profile

• Preparing your organisation for digital migration

We develop solutions in partnership with our clients

Please get in touch to discuss the full range of services that might suit you at [email protected]

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