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Internet of Things (IoT) Consulting


Internet of Things (IoT) Consulting

While the adoption of IoT devices is growing exponentially, so is the range of real-life use cases, creating truly life-changing results. Although the potential is great, there is still some hesitancy amongst organisations to take the leap to implement their own applications. At FarrPoint, we help our clients to take that leap reassured by our advice on both IoT strategy and implementation.

With continuously improving connectivity infrastructure and the emergence of technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT) is experiencing unprecedented growth – the worldwide number of IoT-connected devices is projected to increase to 43 billion by 2023, an almost threefold increase from 2018, according to McKinsey.

FarrPoint's IoT advice

Farrpoint is able to provide an outside, independent perspective of current operations and working practices, challenging current thinking within organisations in order to develop business outcome focused strategies based on our deep understanding gained from working with a wide range of public sector organisations over a number of years.

From planning the viability of your project to assisting with the final procurement of the implementation, our Consultants can help you navigate every step of your IoT journey.

Services we offer

Our team of Consultants can help in various ways to help with IoT Strategy and Implementation, including Digital Policy, Strategic Planning, Technical Advice, Commercial Advice, Procurement Advice & Data Analysis.

1. IoT Strategy Overview

Our strategy service helps organisations cut through the hype and identify the IoT applications that can deliver tangible results. This is a bottom-up approach; by identifying the requirement, use cases and applications ahead of technology, we aim for a solution that brings real benefit. We work closely with clients to develop a business case to demonstrate the value IoT will deliver to the organisation and the wider community and provide a roadmap of the steps required to realise this value.

Estimated Engagement Duration: 2-3 Months

2. IoT Implementation Overview

Our implementation services assist organisations planning an IoT roll-out. This can include developing coverage maps to determine the optimum location for gateways, planning backhaul, and evaluating the supplier marketplace and technology options to ensure the most appropriate solution is deployed. This would typically include for example, formulating a network design around existing client assets, thereby maximising value for our customers.

Estimated Engagement Duration: 1-2 Months

We develop solutions together with our clients

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