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Smart bin lorries mapping mobile coverage across the UK


Smart bin lorries mapping mobile coverage across the UK

Smart Cities rely on mobile coverage. At FarrPoint, we find innovative ways to map and improve connectivity: from Gigabit strategies to making bin lorries smarter.

A new way to capture independent mobile coverage data

We were looking for a better more economical way to track mobile coverage data and invented the FarrPoint Mobile Coverage Mapper device. It is an autonomous tool, which provides real-life performance statistics of all available mobile networks and can be used to map connectivity in both cities and rural areas.

The Mapper comprises a small internal unit with magnetic antennas which are placed on the roof of any vehicle. We are currently working on a backpack version and may soon be able to track mobile coverage on foot. Read more about our Mobile Coverage Mapper.

So why bin lorries?

Our Mapper has already been deployed across a number of councils in the UK (Edinburgh, Worthing, Horsham, Chichester) and some rural areas in Scotland and Canada, providing the most accurate information on mobile connectivity.

Most of our clients chose to deploy the mapper on the council refuse vehicles. Adding the mapping device on bin lorries, recycling and even dog waste trucks is a practical, cost-effective and more environmentally-friendly way. Council refuse vehicles take these routes anyway, so there is no need for additional in-depth route planning or assigning a designated vehicle with specially skilled staff. FarrPoint's mapper is completely autonomous and installation requires no technical knowledge.

Why will knowing actual mobile coverage situation make cities smarter?

About FarrPoint and other services we offer

FarrPoint is an independent technology consultancy that specialises in digital connectivity.

We provide independent advice on the commercial and technical considerations of the design of national and regional connectivity strategies, technical planning and modelling, procurement support and implementation assurance. We also make bin lorries smarter.

The FarrPoint team comprise a mix of consulting technologists, economists and data scientists who work together to provide experience, expertise and complementary resource to clients in the public and private sectors.

What clients get from FarrPoint is pragmatic guidance from a team who understands both the commercial, regulatory and policy considerations, plus how these connectivity solutions can be delivered on the ground to deliver the desired benefits.

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We trust Farrpoint to give us the independent technical assurance we need when thinking innovatively about how to drive greater commercial investment into digital infrastructure in West Sussex. Farrpoint have been advising us for the last three years – they now feel very much part of the team. Having access to their in-depth understanding of the technical and commercial factors involved, as well as the risks and capabilities of the wider market place, is helping to develop our exciting digital ambitions for West Sussex.

Digital Infrastructure Programme Manager, West Sussex County Council

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