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Independent Mobile Coverage Mapping


Independent Mobile Coverage Mapping

We are proud to have invented an innovative cost-effective mobile signal mapping solution. It provides real-life performance statistics of all available mobile networks and has been used to map and improve mobile connectivity in both cities and rural areas.

About FarrPoint's Mobile Mapping Solution

Watch FarrPoint's new video which explains how the mapper works and details the benefits it can provide.

How does our mobile coverage survey solution work?

Our mobile coverage mapper is an autonomous network monitoring tool that provides real-life performance statistics of all available mobile networks. The Mapper comprises a small unit with magnetic antennas. The unit can be fitted into any vehicle and will measure the signal strength of all mobile networks simultaneously as it travels the route of interest. The device sends the performance data back to our processing and mapping servers enabling a true picture of mobile network performance.

We've helped various clients to accurately define mobile coverage in their area

Our Mapper has already been deployed across a number of council areas in the UK (North Wales, Newcastle, Shetland, Edinburgh, Worthing, Horsham and Chichester) and internationally (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia), providing the most accurate information on mobile connectivity. Most of our clients chose to deploy the mapper on their refuse vehicles, which is a great cost-effective and a more environmentally friendly solution. Although, the mapper can be installed in any vehicle or even operated on foot with our backpack version.

Mapper icons

Why knowing actual signal coverage data is important?

• Identification of mobile coverage weakness (3G, 4G, 5G) or not-spots to help planning of services relying on mobile connectivity such as emergency services, telecare and more.

• Ensuring safety of staff, service users and lone workers.

• Understanding of mobile coverage baseline in order to deploy new services that rely on mobile connectivity such as technology enabled care, IoT or other Smart Places applications.

• Contractual acceptance and verification (for central Government funded projects).

• Network optimisation.

Benefits of getting independent mobile coverage data in your area

Significantly lower costs than standard drive test surveying, which requires specialised resources and equipment

• Collected data identifies mobile ‘notspots’ or weak 3G / 4G / 5G coverage, which can be used to feedback to mobile network operators for future mobile planning

• Provides independent coverage assurance and verification – especially important for organisations running mission-critical communications over mobile networks (emergency services, telecare)

• Our mapper device is autonomous, installed easily to any vehicle and requires no technical knowledge.

Mapping examples

mobile coverage mapping

Image 1: Mobile Coverage map example

nc500 mobile coverage map

Image 2: NC500 4G coverage map for all UK operator

Newcastle 4g mobile coverage map

image 3: Newcastle and North Tyneside indoor mobile coverage map

Key features

• Independent & real-time monitoring of 3G/4G network performance in outdoor areas

• Our Mobile Coverage Mapper is autonomous, installed easily to any vehicle and requires no technical knowledge

• Logs multiple engineering parameters including signal strength, channel parameters and location data

• Results and analysis are stored in a secure central database and presented on a secure mapping portal in real-time

• Survey results are presented in a simple visual format. No technical knowledge required to interpret results

• Scalable design - multiple units can be deployed across areas, simultaneously collecting data to continuously build up a library of mobile network measurements across a geography

Case studies:

We develop solutions together with our clients

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For an example of our Mobile Coverage Mapping service click here.

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