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Data Analysis and Visualisation

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Data Analysis and Visualisation

At FarrPoint, almost all our consultancy work involves a level of data-driven decision making or options appraisals, supported by analysis, mapping and modelling of data.

Our Data Analysis and Visualisation team applies specialist technical knowledge to address our client's problems and opportunities in innovative ways. We support a large range of projects for public sector and private clients, each with different requirements and data types. As a result, our team are familiar with applying a broad range of data analysis techniques and developing new solutions on a regular basis. We specialise in creating repeatable data pipelines and models to feed our outputs, resulting in significant time savings and the flexibility to make changes.

Bringing connectivity to life

Our team gathers data and insights to help visualise the state of connectivity infrastructure available in a specific geographic area, bringing this data to life in interactive maps and applications. Building on our insight gathered across the business, our team of experts interpret data to give an unparalleled level of detail. Combined with our Consultants’ specialist knowledge, this allows us to deliver data-driven practical advice.

Our services include:

The FarrPoint map portal provides a central place for clients to access the maps, dashboards and visualisations that we build for them.

We make interactive outputs of our assignments available to clients through the portal so you can access them whenever, and wherever, you need to. This allows our clients the flexibility to visualise, manipulate and analyse their own data, often in the context of other datasets from a multitude of sources, hosted on the platform or streamed from live feeds.

Our maps and dashboards are used by various teams in a variety of ways, with the following benefits:

For more details see our dedicated (this will open in a new window)Map Portal Page.

More examples

Superfast Northamptonshire’s When and Where Map

One example of our work is the (this will open in a new window)Superfast Northamptonshire’s When and Where Map, allowing residents to search for accurate information on broadband availability at premise level, built by FarrPoint. Try it out here:

View Map

Netflix and Standstill Map

Another example is our Netflix and Standstill map, FarrPoint’s pioneering Mobile Coverage Mapper collated independent mobile coverage data for the top 4 providers on the main road transport routes to Folkestone & Dover where on January 1st 2022, over 7,000 lorries were stranded post-Brexit. We thought we would check what mobile signal would be available for them as the driver queued for hours.

Netflix and Standstill map

More details

NC500 Map

Find out more about our Mobile Mapping North Coast 500 project where we published a new NC500 map that pairs beauty hotspots with 4G coverage not-spots to help holiday makers planning to take on Scotland’s most well-known road trip adequately plan and prepare for the journey.

View map

Read about more of our projects or get in touch to discuss how we could help you.

We want Newcastle to be the best connected city that it can be and we know that has become even more important with the growth in working from home. The FarrPoint map has given us the real 4G experience of residents, businesses and visitors, which in some cases is different to the data published by networks, and with this street level detail we can look to work with mobile providers to improve coverage and hopefully rid our city of “not spots.”

Jenny Nelson, Digital Newcastle Project Manager

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Connectivity is important. It drives business and society, bringing communities and commerce together. That's why we use our insight and experience to connect people and business.